Have you ever been dazzled by someone’s smile and wish that your’s could blind others too? Well, the key to beautiful, shining, and healthy teeth lies in proper brushing. Manual brushing can sometimes leave certain areas or our brushing motions may be appropriate. Rather than spending hours on the Internet reading tutorials on proper ways of brushing, we suggest that you check out the Oclean X Pro toothbrush which has amassed millions on Indiegogo. Key features of this brush include
    • 42,000 strokes per minute, you’ve got to be Flash to beat that in manual brushing.
    • Brush modes like Whiten, clean, sensitive, or gum massage.
    • 20 brushing programs for adjusting strength and intensities.
    • Time setter to set time as per your brushing needs.
Apart from that, the smart display on the toothbrush informs you of your brushing score, Blind-Zone reminders, and lets you adjust brushing strength, mode, and other settings. The Oclean app tracks your brushing data, generates personalized brushing reports, maintains family profiles, etc. The battery also lasts for 30 days with 2-hour charging time to fully charge it. The biggest validation of this product is that last year it received accolades from Red dot and iF Design.
Oclean sonic toothbrush Prototyping
Oclean sonic toothbrush Features
Oclean sonic toothbrush screens
Oclean sonic toothbrush display explained
Oclean sonic toothbrush charging data
Oclean sonic toothbrush