Glamos is a motion-sensor that can be used to create virtual screen on almost any surface. It’s simply Plug-n-Play. Connect it to your device and instantly turn your screens interactive. You can also control devices remotely (within 3.2 ft radius) like changing TV channels, changing presentation slides, etc. Compared to the other motion sensors already available, it is the smallest one so far but more powerful. The most prominent features of Glamos are:

    •  Pocket-friendly, it’s so small that it can easily fit in a child’s hand.
    • No setup or app required. You just connect Glamos to the device and the virtual screen is set up instantly.
    • It has a 3 feet radius and 180

The applications of Glamos are limitless. You can use it in your business meetings to make your presentations interactive and impressive. You can use it to play games royally, change TV channels, and access devices with ease even when your hands are messy.

Glamos truly is a technology that has the potential to enhance the the way that touchscreens have been used till now.

Glamos Initial Sketches
Glamos Motion Sensor Animation
Glamos Technical Details
Glamos game playing Baseball
Glamos presentation with hand swipes
Glamos Lidar Technology
Glamos tv access without remote
Glamos Motion Sensor