Nature of Form – A Design book for Inspiration from Nature

Nature of Form Design Book

Want to design for something that is fast, go for Cheetah; Want to design for something that should look vintage, go for the Zebra stripes; Want to design for something that is colorful, go for rainbow or a butterfly; We designers know that initially we all need some base from which we derive inspiration and generate initial concepts. The problem is that we tend to use the same sources and then try to do something new, How is that possible? What if there was a Design book that gave us the options of various forms, or inspiration sources? What if we can get a range of colors that are already visually appealing rather than a dead palette of colors? There are so many what-ifs that come to our mind when we start designing something from the scratch.

Nature of Form is is a design book that gratifies all the questions that arise in a designer’s mind. And the main reason may be that the creators and authors of this design book are all designers. It is a collection of Forms, Colors, and Textures extracted from various elements in nature. It covers 150 elements divided into categories like Fruits, Vegetables, Insects, etc. From these elements, 1454 entities have been derived (432 Forms, 231 Patterns, 791 Colors). We can just imagine the amount of hours and  toil behind this book!

The creators of this book have also derived various use cases to give us an idea of how to use this book and till now I am utterly impressed. Nature of Form is not a simple reference book, it’s a pool of various sources of inspiration for you to dive into. There are endless possibilities of using this book and that’s the beauty and the strength of it.

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Nature of Form initial stages
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Nature of Form Use case Butterfly Pea
Nature of Form Usecase Starfish
Nature of Form Lantern Bug Inspiration
Nature of Form book

iTemp – Smart mug and Bowl for perfect temperature

iTemp Smart mug

We all know how our coffee or tea or whatever pumps up your adrenaline or boosts up your mind is either too hot to burn your mouth or too cold to be better left alone. Especially when we are working, we lose the track of time and our drink is no longer enjoyable. iTemp, a smart mug and bowl with temperature control and regulator, is the perfect way to enjoy your drink at a temperature that is just right.

iTemp Mug & Bowl are able to heat up, cool down, and maintain the temperature. What’s more, there’s a companion app. This app allows you to set your preferred temperature and all you have to do is to double tap the coaster and it will start heating up your drink at your desired temperature. An embedded LED light show the heating level of the liquid. The heating range of iTemp is 25°C-65°C.

iTemp Bowl can be used to heat up and maintain your food at a specified temperature. So, enjoy your food and drinks while working without worrying about it getting cold.

iTemp Temperature-regulating mug-bowl
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iTemp auto-adjust temperature smart mug
iTemp Mobile App
iTemp mug bowl set

Oclean X Pro: World’s Smartest Sonic Toothbrush!!

Oclean sonic toothbrush Main
Have you ever been dazzled by someone’s smile and wish that your’s could blind others too? Well, the key to beautiful, shining, and healthy teeth lies in proper brushing. Manual brushing can sometimes leave certain areas or our brushing motions may be appropriate. Rather than spending hours on the Internet reading tutorials on proper ways of brushing, we suggest that you check out the Oclean X Pro toothbrush which has amassed millions on Indiegogo. Key features of this brush include
    • 42,000 strokes per minute, you’ve got to be Flash to beat that in manual brushing.
    • Brush modes like Whiten, clean, sensitive, or gum massage.
    • 20 brushing programs for adjusting strength and intensities.
    • Time setter to set time as per your brushing needs.
Apart from that, the smart display on the toothbrush informs you of your brushing score, Blind-Zone reminders, and lets you adjust brushing strength, mode, and other settings. The Oclean app tracks your brushing data, generates personalized brushing reports, maintains family profiles, etc. The battery also lasts for 30 days with 2-hour charging time to fully charge it. The biggest validation of this product is that last year it received accolades from Red dot and iF Design.
Oclean sonic toothbrush Initial manufacturing
Oclean sonic toothbrush screens
Oclean sonic toothbrush display explained
Oclean sonic toothbrush charging
Oclean sonic toothbrush Waterproof