We all know how our coffee or tea or whatever pumps up your adrenaline or boosts up your mind is either too hot to burn your mouth or too cold to be better left alone. Especially when we are working, we lose the track of time and our drink is no longer enjoyable. iTemp, a smart mug and bowl with temperature control and regulator, is the perfect way to enjoy your drink at a temperature that is just right.

iTemp Mug & Bowl are able to heat up, cool down, and maintain the temperature. What’s more, there’s a companion app. This app allows you to set your preferred temperature and all you have to do is to double tap the coaster and it will start heating up your drink at your desired temperature. An embedded LED light show the heating level of the liquid. The heating range of iTemp is 25°C-65°C.

iTemp Bowl can be used to heat up and maintain your food at a specified temperature. So, enjoy your food and drinks while working without worrying about it getting cold.

iTemp Temperature-regulating mug-bowl
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iTemp auto-adjust temperature smart mug
iTemp Mobile App
iTemp mug bowl set