Bhagvanji Sonagra

Bhagvanji Sonagra is an Innovator, Strategist, and Disruptive Design Thinker. He is also a Co-Founder of UDLAB Design Studio, India. Bhagvanji is an alumni of Coventry University.

His entry sketch and the steps for the Designer Upskill monthly Challenge for the month May – 2018 are shown below.

Sam Gwilt

Sam loves to do design. He works in London at @precipice_design . He likes to sketch things on his iPad in his spare time. He is an alumnus of Brunel University, London.

Sam has sketched a moka pot for his Designer Upskill monthly Challenge for the month May – 2018.

Mauricio Sanin

Mauricio Sanin is an Industrial Designer, with a master’s degree in furniture design from ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering, Barcelona, Spain.

He enjoys designing contemporary, modern, simple and captivating products, which reach out to people´s hearts and create new market options. Among the many awards that he has won, he is proud of the award-winning chair design “Nefertiti” at the Andreu World 13th International Design Contest.

Robert Laszlo Kiss

Robert Laszlo Kiss is an Amsterdam-based industrial design engineer. He is an alumni of TU Delft. He like sharing his sketches on Instagram for those interested in sketching and design.
Robert submitted a step by step process of the sketching chainsaw in Designer Upskill monthly Challenge for the month May – 2018.

Nur Yildirim

Nur Yildirim is a Product Designer based in Ankara, germany. She likes to create a visual inventory of her life through sketches, mostly everyday life objects and spaces. She is an alumnus of Middle East Technical University.

Below is the sketch process of her wining entry in Designer Upskill Monthly Challenge for the month May – 2018.

Begüm Tomruk

Begüm is an Istanbul-based industrial designer working as a Senior Designer at Grohe, Germany. She has graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.She has also worked as an Industrial Designer at Arçelik Industrial Design Department and participated in White Goods projects of Grundig and Beko. She is also a founder and designer at Studio DWAS.
Her entry for Designer Upskill monthly Challenge for May – 2018 was that of a glass decanter where she explains marker rendering for glass brushed metal surfaces.