Design How to Create an Oreo-Inspired Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Diana Toma

If you love Oreo cookies and vector drawing then this tutorial is for you. You will learn how to draw an Oreo-inspired icon with the help of the 3D effect and Mapping option, plus you’ll use a lot of brushes and effects for texture and a more detailed look. Let’s make this icon as delicious as possible!

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Tutorial Assets

To complete the tutorial, you will need the following assets:

Anja Eliane Font I

1. How to Open a New Document

Launch Illustrator and go to File > New to open a blank document. Type a name for your file, set up the dimensions, and then select Pixels as Units and RGB as Color Mode. Make sure that Align New Objects to Pixel Grid is not checked.

Next, go to Edit > Preferences > General and set the Keyboard Increment to 1 px, and while there, go to Units to make sure they are set as in the following image. I usually work with these settings, and they will help you throughout the drawing process.

2. How to Create the Basic Oreo Icon
Step 1

Grab the Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw the first shape with the dimensions shown. Use dark brown as the fill color (1).

While the shape of the icon stays selected, go to Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel and apply the settings indicated (2).

Step 2

With the icon shape still selected, go to the Appearance panel and add a New Fill under the first one. Use white as the fill color. Next, go to Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel again and apply the settings indicated.

Press the More Options button to see the entire window. Move the existing light very slightly downwards and change the settings as shown on the right side. Press the New Light icon to add another one, and move it to the middle left side. Use the same settings, but increase the Light Intensity to 100%. Hit OK and you’ll get the cream filling, but you won’t be able to see it yet.

Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform, type 95% in the Scale Horizontal field, and then type 20 px in the Move Vertical field. Hit OK and this will bring the cream filling downwards.

Step 3

While the icon shape stays selected, go to the Appearance panel and add a New Fill at the bottom. Use dark brown as the fill color. Apply the 3D effect using the settings shown, and then apply the Transform effect. As a result, you will get the second biscuit at the bottom.
how to create the base Oreo biscuit with 3D effect
3. How to Create the Top Oreo Design
Step 1

Use the Polygon Tool to draw a triangle with the dimensions shown. Then select only the top anchor point with the Direct Selection Tool (A) and move it 8 px downwards by pressing the Down Arrow key eight times. The new triangle is the blue one (1).

Now, go to Effect > Stylize > Round Corners and apply a Radius of 5 px (2); then select Expand Appearance from the Object menu (3).
how to create a rounded triangle for Oreo design
Step 2

While the rounded triangle stays selected, go to Object > Transform > Move and type -18 px in the Position Vertical field. Hit Copy and you will get another triangle above. Do not release this second triangle, and choose Flip Vertical from the fly-out menu of the Appearance panel (1).

Copy and Paste in Front (Control-F) these two triangles and Rotate them 90 degrees using the Transform panel. As a result, you will get a new pair of triangles (2).

Fill the top and bottom shapes with the same color (blue), fill the left and right shapes with a different color (pink), and finally, draw a 4 x 4 px circle in the center filled with a third different color (red) (3). The colors will be important later in the tutorial.

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