Urbie Air – 3-in-1 Eco Air Purifier

Urbie Air Purifier

With the increase in pollution, the need for the Air Purifiers has increased drastically. When we say Air Purifier, all that comes to our mind is a gray or white rectangular box with some mesh or a fan. Urbie air Purifier changes not just what a purifier can do but also how beautiful it can look.

Urbie Air is a 3-in-1 purifier that removes excess Humidity, filters volatile Organic Compounds, and amplifies fresh Oxygen production. The filters used are 100% biodegradable. Thus, you breathe in fresh air without harming the environment further. Urbie Air is more like a smart planter rather than a dumb purifier. It adds elegance to the surroundings and is smart enough to water its plant.

Urbie Air has smart sensors for air quality, plant’s thirst, temperature, humidity, and water tank level. The Urbie app tells you about the air quality and other parameters. Yet another smart thing about Urbie is that recycles the water collected from humidity to water the plant when needed. Two powerful fans suck in the polluted air and filter it with the help of microorganisms living in the plant’s soil that break down pollutants into safer compounds. Activated eco-friendly Carbon Filters are effective for even smaller pollutants < 2.5μ also known as Volatile Organic Compounds.

Urbie Air is a perfect example of what happens when good design meets modern technology and out-of-the-box thinking.

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Cuppa – A Cordless LED Touch Lamp

Cuppa Cordless LED Lamp

When we say LED lamps, what first comes to our mind is a short cable, fragile design, and accessibility issues. In today’s Wireless era, anything with a wire or a cord hinders our pace. We may not have a readily available socket. We may want to carry the lamp outdoors. Or we may simply don’t like to handle wires. Although cordless options are there in the market, the needs that go without saying are easy portability, sturdiness, and long-lasting charge.

All these features are essentially covered by the cordless LED touch lamp Cuppa. Cuppa has been launched on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $5000 which it surpassed in the first six hours of its launch. The key features of this product are that it is minimalist, lightweight, supports 360° Touch for on/off, has stepless dimming, is Waterproof, Flame Retardant, and has No Risk of Electrical Shock. Well, that’s a long list.

Cuppa is inspired by the shape and size of a coffee cup. It is available in three
colors and complements any type of Furniture or surrounding. One of the distinguishing feature is the patent pending 360-degree ‘Any Touch’ technology that allows it to be turned off and on with a touch anywhere on its base.

With Cuppa, we have created a smart lamp that works individually without WIFI, Bluetooth, APPs, a smart phone or a remote controller, but is still smart and minimalist.

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